Sense Of Smell Damaged – Temporary Or Permanent?

Sense Of Smell Damaged – Temporary Or Permanent?

Have you noticed how you lose your sense of smell when you have a cold or flu? Yes, that’s absolutely normal, but it’s only normal if you have it as a temporary symptom. If you aren’t regaining your sense of smell for quite a long time after your flu, there could be issues that you need to look out for. While many of these long term issues can be resolved with the help of a medical professional, but if extensive damage is done to your nasal nerves, the condition can become permanent and difficult to solve, which is when you will need to approach an ENT surgeon in Kota.

Partial or complete loss of smell?

If you have had partial loss of smell, it is medically known as hyposmia, while a total loss of smell is termed as anosmia. While hyposmia is a condition that can be treated, anosmia is a serious condition that should cause alarm. When you face anosmia, you will also lose interest in eating (as sense of smell and sense of taste are closely related), and thus, a loss in appetite. Such loss of appetite means failing to get important nutrients within your body, thus losing weight and also affecting your overall health. Thus, although rare (affecting only 3% of flu patients), but anosmia could be a possibility. Anosmia can be caused due to a number of factors like inflammation of the nasal mucosa, blockage of nasal passage, and destruction of a temporal lobe. The inflammation is caused due to chronic mucosa changes in the paranasal sinus lining, and middle and superior turbinates.

What is it that can cause a loss of smell?

There could be various conditions that can obstruct your nasal passage or flow of air through your nose, which can result in loss of smell. These may include common cold, sinusitis, flu, nasal polyps, and chronic congestion. Moving ahead towards more critical conditions, neurological conditions like brain tumour, head injury, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes may also result in loss of smell. Certain medications, chemicals, and zinc-containing nasal sprays can also cause loss of smell.

How can you regain your sense of smell?

An ENT doctor can help you with your nose related problems. They have extensive expertise and can help you out with all sorts of nasal problems. However, if the problems are acute, and cannot be treated by medications, nasal drops, or other therapies, you may require a surgery. This is where you will require appointment of a professional ENT surgeon in Kota, like the one at Maitri Hospital, who has immense expertise to perform all kinds of nasal surgeries. So, if you have any kind of nasal problems, even if it is as small as a common cold, you can approach Maitri Hospital. Every nasal problem has a solution, and we have the skill and capabilities for all of them. So, you can get in touch and have your problems discussed and treated effectively.

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