Surgeries An ENT Can Perform

Surgeries An ENT Can Perform

There are two types of ENTs – ENT doctors and ENT surgeons. ENT doctors can treat simple conditions of the ears, nose, and throat with medications and therapies. But, when the conditions become complex and require surgeries, it is an ENT surgeon in Kota who can help. The most common surgeries that fall under the umbrella of an ENT surgeon include –


A biopsy is the removal of a sample of tumour or a suspicious tissue to determine if it is cancer. The surgeon performs such a procedure after giving local anesthesia to the patient, using a needle to extract cells, or cutting a portion of the tissue using appropriate equipment. If the sample needs to be taken from the neck or throat area, an endoscope is also required.


When repeated ear infections that aren’t cured with treatment start becoming a concern, a surgery may be required. The surgery here is known as myringotomy, wherein tiny tubes are inserted into the ears for ventilation and drainage. The tubes are inserted into the eardrum, which will allow the fluid to clear, thus resulting in immediate pain reduction and improvement in hearing.


We generally have a straight septum, which is the vertical wall in the nose that divides the two nasal passages. However, as we age, if we encounter an accident or injury, or maybe no cause at all, the septum may start bending to any one side. This may require a septoplasty – a surgery to correct the deviated septum. Such a surgery is specially required if the patient is encountering problems in breathing. This is also done to allow for adequate examination of the inside of the nose for treatment or removal of nasal polyps or tumours.

Sinus surgery

Earlier, sinus surgery involved access through the cheek area, which resulted in scarring. But, with the innovation in techniques and equipment, ENT surgeons now use an endoscope to perform such surgeries. With micro telescopes and micro instruments used to access through the nasal passages, there is no more scarring.


As the name clearly suggests, this has to do something with the tonsils. This is specially performed in children, as this age group is most prone to suffering from constant throat infections. When such throat infections start becoming an issue, the tonsils are removed to avoid more of sick days in school. And worry not, removing tonsils has no other side effects like reducing the child’s ability to fight diseases.

These are only the most common surgeries that an ENT surgeon can perform. For even any other kinds of surgeries that your ears, nose, or throat require, you can rest assured to be in good hands when you are with an ENT professional. One such professional is Maitri Hospital’s ENT surgeon in Kota who has special skills and training to diagnose the condition and perform corrective surgery if required. Other than the above, other surgeries like thyroid gland removal and ear wax removal can also be performed.

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