Urology Clinic in Talwandi, Kota

The urology clinic is the first super-specialty clinic in the Hadoti region to provide comprehensive Urology care at the most affordable rate since October 1994. It has its daycare center providing complete Endourology solutions to Urological problems, such as Cystoscopy (Diagnostic+Therapeutic), Optical Urethrotomy for Urethral strictures, URS for Ureteral stones, ESWL, and other daycare diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Dr Ashok Sharma, MCh Urology, is the pioneer of Urology services in the Hadoti region. He provides comprehensive Andrology services such as Male infertility, Erectile dysfunction including counseling for male and female sexual dysfunctions.

For any major Urological surgeries, such as surgeries of the Prostate, Bladder Tumor resection, Reconstructive Urology, Paediatric Urology, and other all types of major urological procedures, and procedures involving LASER applications for Prostate surgeries, Dr Sharma operates his patients at Maitri Hospital.

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