Director's Message

Director's Message

These words define our vision which forms the foundation on which Maitri Hospital stands. With the biggest inspiration to give back to the city that has given us so much, Maitri Hospital was founded in June 2008. What started as a modest beginning with 50 50-bed Hospital with a few specialties, has turned into a 150-bed Super specialty Hospital, serving patients across 18 specialties comprehensively.

All of us come from the same alma mater, RNT Medical College in Udaipur. For the past 40+ years, we have been practicing in Rajasthan and very well understand the pulse of the population. Amongst us, we cover 6 specialties, which not only makes us the support pillar for each other but also makes each one of us even more confident to handle any kind of patient at Maitri Hospital.

Maitri Hospital is like a second family to us. In the past 10 years, our Maitri parivar has stood together like a support system. Our biggest strength is the trust amongst each other, and the pride we commonly share by serving most ethically.

It would have been impossible for us to reach where we are without the Consultant Doctors, and the most hardworking clinical and nonclinical staff at Maitri Hospital. Our Consultants in various departments are among the cream of Specialists in the city. We are very proud of our nursing, support, and administrative staff, who work with immense dedication and passion, only to outgrow themselves over the years.


General Physician


General Physician


Neuro Surgeon

We are very happy to note that the staff attrition rate at our Hospital is one of the lowest in the city. Also, the happy smiles of the patient and their relatives over the past 10 years keep motivating us and our staff daily to continue in our endeavors.

We would like to thank every patient who has put his trust in us, believing that we will do nothing else, but the right thing!

The Hospital has seen many expansions since we took over the age-old Hospital to make Maitri Hospital. With the addition of a Level 3 NICU, one of the best in the state, a PICU, the addition of a 24-hour Emergency department, Twin sharing, and new Private rooms, the Hospital has become the leader in providing the best healthcare in the Kota region.

In the years to come, we at Maitri Hospital want to continue with the commitment to provide the best possible healthcare to all our patients, in the most affordable, ethical, and transparent manner. Our focus will be to keep adding new talents and skills, keep upgrading the technology, add more clinical specialties, and most importantly, take each step while keeping the benefits of our patients in mind. We also plan to add another 100+ patient beds, to serve more patients, and keep contributing to improving the health of the people of the Hadoti region.




Obstetrician And Gynaecologist



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