Men, Do You Need To Visit A Urologist?

Men, Do You Need To Visit A Urologist?

Minor issues related to the urinary system may get alright on their own, without having to consult a medical professional. But, when things get serious, you will definitely need to arrange for an appointment with an experienced urologist in Kota. The earlier you approach a professional after observing your symptoms, the better are your chances of a positive outcome and complete recovery. As men get older, paying attention to the below mentioned symptoms becomes very crucial, which may bring them signs of visiting a doctor at the earliest.

Difficulty in urinating / Frequent urination

Both difficulty in urinating and frequent urinating could be a problem. While difficulty in urinating may come naturally as a process of getting older, it may be a reason for an enlarged prostate. Your urologist can give you medications to relive the symptoms and shrink the prostate. Also, a frequent urge to urinate requires the consultation of a urologist in Kota. It could cause discomfort, stress, and shame to the patient. So, it is better to help a urologist manage and treat this condition to help you get rid of not only the problem, but also the other mental and physical traumas associated with the condition.

Painful urination

Even if the amount and frequency of urination is normal, any kind of pain while urinating may also signal a problem. It could be a result of infections in the urinary tract that are caused by bacteria. Get in touch with a urologist who can treat the infection appropriately.

Blood in urine

Blood in the urine may be an early sign of bladder cancer or kidney cancer. If you experience this once, it could be alright, but the next time you do, make sure you rush to a urologist. Even if you don’t experience it regularly, a time-to-time observance may also mean an initial stage of cancer. So, call for immediate attention when you see blood in your urine.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common urological problems observed in men all across the globe. This is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection. It not only affects sexual performance, but it can also uncover potentially serious conditions like renal failure, hypertension, or vascular disease. Don’t be ashamed of telling your doctor about this problem. If you let him know, he will be able to help you with the best and earliest treatment.

Pain or lumps in testicles

Any kind of pain or a feeling of lumps in your testicles that is persistent, and just doesn’t seem to go away even after a few days, it is time to visit a urologist at the earliest. Any such condition may signal testicular cancer!

If you are experiencing any kinds of symptoms mentioned above, consider it as a warning sign to visit a medical professional. You can make an appointment with Maitri Hospital, where our expert urologist in Kota can not only treat all of the above problems, but can also help you by clearing all the doubts you may have about your urological health, so that you can keep your mind at peace, and can be alert if there are any minute initial signs of a potential problem.

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