Suggested Exercises After Having A Knee Replacement

Suggested Exercises After Having A Knee Replacement

If you are one of those who have had to get a new knee joint, may it be total or partial, you will be told by your doctor and surgeon to take utmost care of your knee. Because the knee holds major portion of our weight, it is to be taken complete care of, so as not to damage the joint any more. Although the prosthesis that your orthopaedic surgeon in Kota has used is definitely of the best quality, but there are certain things you need to deal with if you want to feel like you have a normal knee again.

First and foremost, you will be advised to have an experienced physical therapist to help you build up strength and stability in your new joint immediately after the surgery. They know the exact methods and tactics to make it easy and comfortable for you to get adapted to the new prostheses, and help you recover faster. However, you will also be given certain exercises that you need to perform on your own at home. One of the main things you need to remember here is that you will need to perform only those exercises that can help move your joint, but not overextend it; that would be just too rough on your new joint. So, never try to opt for choosing your exercises on your own! Either you completely trust the advice given to you by Maitri Hospital’s orthopaedic surgeon in Kota, or follow the tips and strategies given below.


Certain kinds of stretches and pulls can keep your knees from feeling stiff. Also, such exercises will help prevent scar tissue from developing near your replacement, thus avoiding discomfort. Ask your doctor or physical therapist as to which are the best stretching exercises for you that can increase your mobility, while relieving pressure on your knees.


There are various machines that can help you stay stationary while helping you move your knee joints. These include elliptical machines and stationary bicycles. Use them to keep your knees in motion, while applying little or no impact on your joints. You could either sign up with a gym to get access to these machines, or get one for your own at home.


This is yet another option for those who are looking for a traditional and relaxed way of bringing mobility in their joints, without any side effects. However, you must remember that not every pose will be right for your new joint, so make sure to take the advice of an expert yoga instructor before you plan on picking up any poses. You will need movements that can relax your knees by eliminating any kind of pressure or torture that they are experiencing.

Whatever you choose – stretching, machine exercise, or yoga – make sure to consult your physician and physical therapist before beginning with it. Only if they say that the particular kind of exercise is right for you, should you start off with it; or you may land up your knees into complications! So, be very careful.

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