How To Treat An Overactive Bladder

How To Treat An Overactive Bladder?

People generally consider an overactive bladder a part of normal ageing, but this is not true. An overactive bladder is a warning sign of a health issue, no matter what the age. It depicts that the system does not have control over the bladder, which is why the urine leaks without the person’s knowledge, or which is why the feeling of peeing is suddenly urgent out of nowhere. This health problem causes not only irritation and worry to the person with an overactive bladder, but it also causes feelings of frustration, embarrassment, and low self-esteem, especially when in public. However, this does not mean that there is no cure for an overactive bladder. With the right urologist in Kota, you can treat the issue readily and correctly.

There is no one particular single treatment that fits everyone suffering from this issue alike, but there are different ways in which you can manage the problem. Depending upon your particular condition, there will be a certain therapy or treatment, or a combination of both, that can be prescribed. Thus, the doctor will first analyze your condition properly, looking at your age, overall health, medical history, and the depth of your problem, only after which will the right treatment be recommended.

Behavioural therapy

First and foremost, your doctor will suggest you some lifestyle changes, if your condition is just at the initial stage. This is known as behavioural therapy, where your behaviours and patterns are adjusted to suit and control your bladder. Any kinds of bladder-irritating foods will be removed out of your diet. These include alcohol, soda, caffeine, artificial sweeteners, and spicy food. If any of these are irritating your bladder, they will be completely eliminated from your diet. Also, smoking is fatal for urological patients; so your smoking habits will also need to be controlled.

Bladder training

Your doctor will ask you to maintain a diary of your bathroom trips on a daily basis. After studying this schedule, he will suggest you certain bladder training therapies like double-voiding, scheduled-voiding, or delayed-voiding. These training methods can help in managing your overactive bladder, while providing you relief from the same. You may also be given pelvic floor exercises to help strengthen the muscles that control your urine. One tool that can also be helpful here is the biofeedback equipment, which can help identify the muscles that need to be exercised.


When you can’t find relief from the above mentioned lifestyle changes, diet changes, training methods, or exercises; or if your bladder has symptoms that exceed the initial stages; you will be prescribed certain medications. Or, depending upon the severity of your bladder’s condition, you may also be prescribed injections of Botox to be inserted into your bladder muscles to prevent your bladder from contracting too often.

Nerve stimulation or invasive surgery

If there is no other alternative, your doctor will then suggest the last stage treatment – Nerve Stimulation. This is a treatment that delivers electrical pulses to the nerves in the bladder that changes how they work within your body. Another option is the sacral nerve therapy, wherein a bladder pacemaker is implanted into the body that stops the nerve signals causing an overactive bladder.

With all of the above treatment options, an overactive bladder can be treated well. So, if you are having problems with the bladder, worry not, as you will find a solution with the right doctor in hand. The best urologist in Kota to consult in the case of any kind of bladder problems, let alone an overactive bladder, can be found at Maitri Hospital. Here, there is a team of skilled doctors who use the most advanced equipment to help you get rid of all kinds of urological problems so that you can live a healthier and happier life!

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