Pre And Post Operative Shoulder Surgery Care

Pre And Post Operative Shoulder Surgery Care

When you are in a situation where there is no hope other than a shoulder surgery, you will be too worried as and as the days pass by, and the day of surgery arrives. Your orthopaedic surgeon in Kota will definitely give you a list of DO’s and DON’Ts for the days that lie before the surgery to make it easy and comfortable for you, while also preparing you physically and mentally for the operation. Once you have made through the surgery, and everything goes alright, you are so relaxed and stress-free! But, the surgery done doesn’t mean everything gets back to normal. There is a certain recovery time that your shoulder will require to get back to normal everyday routines. And, up till this time comes, there is a lot that you need to take care of. Just like the DO’s and DON’Ts you receive prior to your surgery, you receive an equal list after your surgery too. It is important to follow both these pre and post surgery instructions so that you not only have a successful surgery, but also avoid any kinds of complications ever in the future.

Pre-surgery instructions

  • You need to stop taking all aspirin products, anti-inflammatory medicines, and herbal/vitamin supplements at least seven days prior to your surgery. Also, discontinue any blood thinning medications, as these may increase the risk of bleeding and complications of anesthesia during the surgery.
  • You also need to inform your doctor of all the medications you are on at present, and nay changes in your medications between your pre-operative visit and the day of the surgery. You will need to discontinue or alter this medication schedule as per the doctor’s instructions.
  • You need to stay completely healthy before the surgery. This is why if you encounter any illness prior to the surgery, make sure to inform your doctor, even if it is a simple common cold. Any infection within the body can increase the risk of operative site infection! Even a small infection or health issue may result in postponing your surgery to a later stage, to avoid all possible risks.
  • You must shower with an antibacterial soap before the surgery to prevent infection.

Post-surgery care

  • If your doctor sends you home with a sling, make sure you keep it on until the surgeon asks you to remove it. This will help keep your shoulder in place. You will be provided with special guidelines of wearing or removing the sling while sleeping, bathing, or getting dressed. Make sure to follow these instructions very carefully to avoid any complications.
  • The worst part of a post-surgery is sleeping. You will need to sleep flat on your back or on the shoulder that hasn’t been operated throughout the night. This can make the night worse. You can keep yourself comfortable by sleeping in a recliner rather than a bed.
  • Do not drive even the smallest distance until your doctor permits you to. This can be very risky, not only because of the shoulder misplacement possibilities, but also because any prescription medications can affect your driving. Until your orthopaedic surgeon in Kota informs you that driving is now safe for you, avoid driving at any cost.
  • You must follow all instructions given to you by your surgeon about bathing and wound care. The dressings will have to be changed and managed as per the instructions.
  • You will be advised exercises and physical therapies along with the medications. Following all these instructions are very important if you want a quick recovery, and a happy comfortable life ahead with no issues regarding your shoulder in the years to come.
  • Apart from the above instructions, it is also important that you keep a check on certain symptoms. For example, increased drainage from your incision, increased swelling, increased redness around the operated area, high fever, foul odour, sudden calf pain, chest pain, shortness of breath, or cold blue fingers call for an immediate appointment with your surgeon! These symptoms may require immediate attention and treatment.

Now that you are mentally prepared with all that you have to do and manage before and after a shoulder surgery, you are in a better situation to handle the circumstances. So, when you are looking for a shoulder surgery, or any other orthopaedic surgery for that matter, you can approach Maitri Hospital’s most experienced orthopaedic surgeon in Kota, who has immense experience to perform almost all kinds of surgeries like knee replacements, hip replacement, crushed injury repairs, club foot surgeries, bone grafting, major amputation, and tendon lengthening.

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