When Is Urgent Pediatric Care Required?

When Is Urgent Pediatric Care Required?

Becoming a parent brings with it lots of mixed emotions like happiness, anxiety, and fear. But, along with all of this, comes a huge responsibility of taking care of your child in all aspects. And, one of the biggest aspects of a child’s life is his health. A child is more prone to getting sick faster. Even the smallest of issues like common cold, tonsils, and flu can make a child drastically weak. In addition, a child is also more likely to fall and get rashes or break a leg while running and playing. While there is generally nothing to worry about, as these are all the very basics of a child’s growing years. But, there are times when things can become a little out of control; and this is when you will require immediate contact with a paediatric doctor in Kota. Here are some situations when you need to pay extra attention to how your child is behaving to see if you need professional assistance or not.

Cold, cough, and fever

Cold, cough, and fever are the most common problems faced by every child in their growing years. While these things are very small and common, they could be of great discomfort to your child. So, make sure to give him proper attention and care while he is suffering from these symptoms. And, if you notice he is getting a little too uncomfortable, take him to a doctor for a proper medication and treatment. Every now and then, your child will suffer from cold, flu, fever, and cough; and you need to be very patient in such conditions.

Ear infection

Just like cold and flu, ear infections are the next most common symptoms of childhood. They may bring a lot of pain suddenly out of nowhere. But, you don’t need to panic. The reason behind the ear pain is because of excess fluid being built up behind the eardrum. Just get an appointment with an ENT paediatric doctor in Kota when you notice that your baby is favouring one of their ears and is becoming irritable, or when your child is big enough to tell you that his ears are hurting.


Burns are also a major problem seen in children. They may always be running around and getting themselves burnt with hot water, hot beverages, steam, fire, or hot oil. While some burns could be minor and can be treated at home, more serious burns will need immediate attention and a visit to the doctor.

Falls that may bring pain in the bones

Children are always playing and running around. When they are having fun, they forget to look what’s around, and as a result may trip and fall. While this is a very normal process of a child growing, at times, this may result in too much harm. If your child is really complaining of pain in the legs or arms on which he fell, you need to make sure that there are no broken bones. This is when you will need to have your child checked by a professional immediately. Whether it is only a sprain, or it is a severe condition of fracture, Maitri Hospital can help treat your child immediately, because not only does the hospital have a professional paediatric doctor in Kota on the list, but also a professional paediatric surgeon working in the team.

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