Urologists – How They Are Created And What They Do

Urologists – How They Are Created And What They Do

Different parts of the human body perform differently; and many parts of the body group on together to form a system. In this way, we have a number of systems within our body performing their own functions. While we cannot say that one system is more important than the other, but yes, the urinary system forms an integral part by performing the function of excreting the wastes from our body. Consisting of the kidneys, urethra, ureters, and bladders, they mainly function to pull out the wastes from our blood and form urine to be expelled out from the body.

Who are urologists? What do they do?

There are specialist doctors called urologists who are assigned to take care, handle, manage, and treat any problem of the urinary system of both males and females. While in the females, the field of urology is limited to only the urinary system, in males, it extends to the reproductive system as well. However, urologists do have a basic knowledge about the reproductive system of the females, and other systems within the body too, because after all, every system within the body is inter-related with one another. But, despite this knowledge, they will only treat the ailments related to the urinary system. Nonetheless, they keep in mind all the other systems too so that the medicines they give don’t affect the any system in a negative way.

What problems can urologists treat?

The most common urinary problems include urinary tract infections, urinary incontinence, kidney stones, and stress incontinence. While all these aren’t deadly diseases, they do require immediate medical attention. These ailments are generally treated by medications and therapies. However, there are other issues like tumours and prostate that require surgery. Urologists offer both kinds of urological services – surgical and non-surgical. Every kind of urologist is apt to prescribe medications and therapies. But, only specialized urologist surgeons are those who can perform surgeries. The most advanced surgeries include those that involve the use of surgical instruments, ultrasound technologies, laser technologies, and fiber-optic endoscopic hardware.

How does one become a urologist?

Urologists are certified to get their qualification to perform urological treatments and surgeries after a very long course of education and efforts. First, they need to undergo a graduate medical degree, after which they need to clear a post-graduate training course. Once these medical school requirements are cleared, they are required to take up a residency in a hospital specializing in urology, which take up five years of time. After this, the urologist will have to pass a board exam in their specialty. Once all of this is done, they can then apply for work at various hospitals and then open up their own practices. One can either take up general urology, or specific sub-specialties like urologic surgery, urologic oncology, endourology, urogynaecology, paediatric urology, transplant urology, and much more. If urologists wish to take up further studies, they can supplement their fellowships with a Master’s degree or a Ph.D. to prepare them for academic or focused clinical employment. After so much of pain and effort, one finally becomes a urologist. One such specialist is Maitri Hospital’s urologist in Kota, who is a specialized MCh in Urology, and is expertised to treat prostate, tumours, and erectile dysfunction.

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