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Finding The Right Paediatric Doctor

As soon as one gets pregnant, the parents are all excited about their to-be child, in terms of their health and behaviours, especially mothers who are going to deliver their first child. A feeling of anxiety, accompanied by fear, nervousness, excitement, and doubts is all very common among such first-time parents. And, to help ease their anxiety, they would always look for a paediatrician who can take care of their child’s health – keep it under control and maintained at all times, and be there to treat their child in cases of health issues or emergencies.

Every paediatrician is different, and each gives a different advice and treatment. So, how would you know which paediatrician is right for your child? Here are some tips to help.

Find the one nearest to you

It is always advisable to find a paediatrician that is located near your home. This is because it becomes convenient for you to take your child to the doctor, if you need to do so multiple times frequently, or in case of an emergency. You can put in your location on the internet and get a list of paediatricians available in your area. If you live in Kota, Maitri Hospital should be your choice, because here you can get a qualified and expert paediatric doctor in Kota to take care of your child. All the doctors here are qualified to do their jobs of taking care of children of all ages. And, some are even qualified to perform paediatric surgeries.

Look for a certified and experienced one

Now you have a list of paediatricians located in your area. But, it isn’t necessary that all of them are certified and qualified to take care of your child. You need to find one who is qualified and has a valid certification from an authorized institute. A qualification means your child will be in the right hands, which means complete safety for you.

Clearing your doubts

Okay now you have shortlisted those paediatricians who are qualified and eligible for practice. But again, as mentioned above, every paediatrician is different. So, from these qualified ones, you need to find the one that fits your requirements. And for this, you may ask the paediatricians all the questions you have in mind so that your doubts are cleared. If the paediatrician answers your questions properly, you can analyze that he is friendly and dedicated towards his patients. If he avoids your questions, or doesn’t seem to answer them properly, understand that he is inconsiderate, and won’t be the right one for you. After all, a paediatrician should be one who is friendly and can treat your child like his own. He must be polite and pleasant; one who can make your child comfortable, and not nervous or frightened within the clinic. Also, the ambience of the clinic should be friendly and positive that can make the child willingly coming back again.

Go by your instincts

Last but not the least, the choice is yours. Like for example, there are certain people who like a doctor that is “just the facts”, while there are others who would like a more interactive and engaged approach with more time for discussion. So, finally, the decision is for you to make. Choose one that seems right for you; for your instinct. If your instinct says one is right, go with it, and plan on choosing him for your child.

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