The Most In-Need Primary Care Specialties

The Most In-Need Primary Care Specialties

With the number of diseases spreading so far and wide, and newer unknown diseases coming up every now and then, primary care is very important in the field of healthcare. There is an extreme demand for such primary care doctors in every country and state. However, primary care is divided into different segments depending on the kind of patients the doctor can treat, namely family medicine, internal medicine, paediatrics, and geriatrics.

Family medicine

As the name itself suggests, these doctors are meant to treat an entire family consisting of all age groups right from children to adults. They have a basic knowledge about all kinds of general diseases that may hit people of any age group. They generally work with diagnosing and treating a variety of diseases, while also being skilled to perform physicals and health screenings. They are those who have received extensive training to treat most conditions and provide health care for everyone, regardless of age. While specialists work with a particular age group or organ, family medicine serves the entire family for a wide range of conditions.

Internal medicine

Internal medicines, although may sound as treating ailments on the internal part of the body, is a specialty that works on adult patients suffering from diabetes, blood pressure, and obesity. They can provide health screenings and general preventive medicines. Internists, who are doctors taking care of internal medicine, treat all types of adult diseases, ranging from common ailments to severe chronic diseases to rare complicated conditions.


Paediatrics is the specialized field where doctors work with treating ailments of the younger age group ranging from babies to children to adolescents. They specialize in providing care and treatment for common diseases as well as injuries, while also handling physicals, vaccinations, and general preventive medicine. They also counsel parents on the growth and development of their children.


Just like internal medicine doctors handle adults, and paediatricians handle children, similarly geriatricians are specially trained doctors who care for senior citizens, that is, adults over the age of 60. There are certain ailments that strike only people after the age of 60. Geriatricians are specialized to treat only those conditions. They diagnose and treat a wide range of elderly ailments and injuries related to memory issues and falls. They also assist with medication management as older patients tend to have comparatively more prescriptions than younger adults for acute and chronic conditions.

No matter which particular segment out of the four mentioned above, primary care is critical to patient health. In fact, people who have regular access to a primary care physician are less frequently admitted to hospitals and emergency rooms as they are always in touch with specialists who can detect any problem beforehand and provide preventive measures and medicines at the earliest to avoid any further complications. One very reliable general physician in Kota is the one at Maitri Hospitals, who is skilled to treat all forms of deadly diseases too like dengue, chicken gunya, tuberculosis, and pneumonia. There is also a specialized paediatrician to take care of growth disorders, low birth weight baby issues, urinary tract infections, pneumonia, cleft repairs, diaphargm hernia repairs, exploratory laparotomy, appendix removal, anoplasty, and meningocoele repair.

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