The Most Common Vocal Cord Injuries

The Most Common Vocal Cord Injuries

We take all the five sensory organs for granted, but that is only up till you experience a problem with them. One such organ taken for granted is the vocal cord that gives us the gift of speech. While we speak and chatter all day long, we don’t realize how important our communication is. But, when our throat is sore, making it difficult to talk, or when we lose our voice on a temporary basis, we realize how important speech is for us. Realizing this importance, we are here, to cover in this blog, three most common vocal cord injuries that you must be aware of so that you can have them treated in the best way possible if they arise.


Laryngitis is the irritation, inflammation, or swelling of the voice box, which causes severe hoarseness, or even complete loss of voice! The disease is caused by a virus, which is why the effect remains for a week or two, and is automatically treated by the immune system of the body. However, there are certain things you need to do while you are suffering from laryngitis to keep your throat comfortable, and help it recover faster. These include drinking lots of fluid and resting your voice. Nevertheless, if your condition is severe, and the symptoms don’t seem to improve over a few days, you need a specialist. This is because you could be suffering from chronic laryngitis, which may be caused due to heartburn, or excessive intake of tobacco and alcohol. The worst reason that may cause chronic laryngitis is a throat tumour, which will then require an ENT surgeon in Kota to remove it through surgery.

Vocal cord polyps

These are small growths in the throat caused by overuse of the vocal cord, or long term exposure to irritants, allergens, or tobacco. You will need to rest your voice, or work with a speech therapist to get voice therapy. However, if the condition is severe or has any abnormalities, you will need an ENT surgeon in Kota to perform phonomicrosurgery, a vocal cord surgery that uses tiny instruments to treat the tiny growths.

Vocal cord paralysis

As the name itself suggests, this is a condition where the nerve of the vocal cord is injured, which may cause moderate to severe hoarseness. If the condition is worse, it may also result in breathing and swallowing difficulty. The main reasons for this condition include viral infection, trauma, neck surgery, or a neurological disease. The condition can be treated through voice therapy or surgery, depending upon the symptoms.

While anyone of any age can develop the above vocal cord injuries, those who use their voices for a living are at greater risk. These include professors, singers, anchors, politicians, telemarketers, translators, guides, and radio jockeys. Also, those who smoke or drink alcohol excessively are at higher risk to develop such vocal cord problems. So, if you belong to any of the above categories, you need to take complete care of your vocal cord and throat, or you may land yourself into trouble. And, if you already have landed into such trouble, get in touch immediately with Maitri Hospital, where you can get treated by an expert ENT surgeon in Kota who uses state-of-the-art techniques with compassionate care to treat every patient considerably.

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