How To Recognize Birth Traumas In Babies?

How To Recognize Birth Traumas In Babies?

Child birth is always an overwhelming moment for a mother. And, when it is the first baby, there is a lot that goes on in her mind. She is absolutely very tensed for the baby regarding the care. And, even the slightest change in the child’s behavior will give the mother a lot of stress. But, the most distressing yet awesome moment for a mother is the time she gives birth to her little one. While it is the best moment for a mother, it can become the most stressful moment for her if the birth is difficult. Any kind of mental or physical injury, or birth trauma to the child during delivery can lead to difficult birth of a child. Even if there is no major problem, even the slightest problem can end up with long-lasting effects, if they are not detected, or prevented on time.

How can you identify birth traumas?

Some situations of birth traumas may hurt newborns significantly. Very long deliveries or very fast deliveries may bring physical traumas to the baby, and possibly even psychological ones. Breech births can also bring physical and psychological traumas to the baby. When deliveries require C-section or force, either manual, or with the use of medical tools like forceps or ventouse, it can also be traumatic for the babies. At time, birth traumas can also lead to neurological conditions like developmental delays, cerebral palsies, neuromotor disorders, flat head, arm injuries, torticollis, lack of control towards the head, and more. All such deliveries will bring tension to the babies, which show their problem by crying excessively and pulling themselves backward. Other problems may include sleeping issues, feeding issues, digestive issues, musculoskeletal injuries, and difficulties to bond with the mother.

What to do if your baby has had a birth trauma?

It is always advisable to perform postnatal check-ups after birth as soon as possible. However, it is never too late to arrange for one. Have your baby checked by Maitri Hospital’s paediatric doctor in Kota at least once, even if the delivery has gone perfectly well. This will ensure that your baby starts their life in the best and most balanced way possible.

In the case of birth traumas, the best treatment observed till date is cranial osteopathy. By focusing on the overall structure of the body, and realigning its imbalance with gentle massages on specific areas, cranial osteopathy will relive the baby of any tensions felt. It will also rebalance the baby’s body and prevent the injuries from turning into long-lasting consequences. As a result, the baby will have a balanced body, giving it complete comfort. And, a happy baby means a less stressed mother, thus improving the state of both the mother and the child.

So, no matter what kind of a delivery you have had, make sure you and your baby both go in for a complete checkup after the delivery. This is to prevent any kind of trauma encountered by moms or baby during birth. Also, a paeditaric doctor will help you know how you can take care of your newborn in the best way possible

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